Form Oregon LLC- Limited Liability Company

Form Oregon LLC

An LLC (or Limited Liability Company) is a legal organization that provides the owners and the members of board of the organization limited liability with regard to the debts of the business. In Oregon, the Uniform Limited Liability Act states that the name of an LLC must end with any of the suffixes: Limited Liability Company, LLC, L.L.C., LC, or L.C.

Oregon LLC- Minimum Requirements

The requirements to form an Oregon LLC are:

After the formation of the LLC, the Oregon Secretary of State will request the recurring responsibilities and duties to be met by the organization and the governing bodies.

a. LLC Fees and Taxes in Oregon

The minimum fee to file an LLC in Oregon is $55. Filings must be done with the Oregon Secretary of State and include the check for the charges. In Oregon, the LLC also enjoys certain tax benefits and discounts including availability of more deductions in successive period of time. The federal income tax department issues the Employer Identification Number that allows you to pay taxes regularly.