Form Ohio LLC- Limited Liability Company

Ohio Limited Liability Company

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Ohio will meet most of the management needs of industrialists, business developers and entrepreneurs. The Ohio government gives you the opportunity to encompass significant structural smoothness and ease of administration when forming a state LLC. Ohio LLC laws also provide protection on your assets like bank deposit, real property, securities etc from the future claims of the creditors of your organization.

Ohio LLC Required Documents

The essential documents to form an LLC in Ohio are:

a. Fee and Taxes

The initial fee to form an LLC in Ohio demanded by the Secretary of State is $125 but it does not include the initial annual fee. A check for that amount must accompany the documents and must be payable to the State of Ohio.

The Ohio government allows certain tax benefits and deductions for an LLC as compared to a corporation. An LLC never becomes a separate tax entity; it is generally a "pass-through" entity. An LLC is treated as a sole proprietorship for tax purposes unless the owner elects to tax the LLC as a corporation. The federal tax department also issues the federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) and an Employer Identification Number (EIN) required for certain tax filings and opening bank accounts.