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New York LLC Formation

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How to Form an LLC in New York

New York LLC formation is overseen by the New York Secretary of State.  LLCs, or Limited Liability Companies offer its members the benefit of protection from business debts that corporations enjoy. What makes an LLC different, is that taxation and paperwork required to set up and maintain an LLC is much simpler than it is for corporations. And reducing your taxes, whether on business or personally is always a good thing! New York State law requires certain information be included in the New York Articles of Organization.

The steps for forming an LLC in New York are:

1. The first step in forming a New York LLC is to choose a name for your LLC. In New York, your company cannot have the same name as any other business entity in the state. can perform a New York name search for you to determine if your proposed name is available for use.  Companies wishing to become a New York LLC must also make sure their company name includes the term Limited Liability Company or its abbreviations LLC or L.L.C.

2.The second step in New York LLC formation is to fill out and file the New York Articles of Organization. This form will require certain information such as the LLC’s name, Registered Agent and Purpose  in order to be considered complete and able to be processed.

3. The final basic step in forming a New York LLC is to publish a notice in your local paper. You want to place a notice stating that you intend to form an LLC. can fill out the New York Articles of Organization for you as well as file the form and all required fees.

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