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Nevada LLC Filing Fees

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Fees for Forming an LLC in Nevada


Nevada LLC filing fees are overseen by and submitted to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. Failure to pay the fees at the time of filing your articles of organization will result in at least a delay in processing if not an outright denial of your request to form a Nevada LLC. All forms and fees should be remitted to the Nevada Secretary of State. Or you can simplify the process and have fill out and file your LLC forms for you.

To form an LLC in the state of Nevada, the required filing fee is $75.00. A 24 hour expediting of your forms will cost an additional $125.00. To change your registered agent of office once you’ve been approved to become a Nevada LLC will cost $60.00. Resignation of a manager or managing partner carries a fee of $75.00.  Resignation of Registered Agent will incur a $100.00 fee.

If you need to amend your Articles of Organization once they’ve been submitted and/or accepted, it will cost $175.00. If your LLC goes inactive for some reason, reinstatement will have a $300.00 fee. On the other hand, termination of your LLC will cost $350.00. Dissolution of your limited liability company will cost  $75.00 in fees payable to the Nevada Secretary of State.

You can view a list of all fees associated with forming a Nevada LLC by visiting the website of the Nevada Secretary of State. can file your LLC forms and fees for you.

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