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How to Fill Out the Nevada LLC Articles of Organization

In Nevada, the Articles of Organization are the formal documents a company files in order to become a legally recognized LLC, or Limited Liability Company.  In Nevada, the Articles of Organization are overseen by the Secretary of State and governed by Nevada Revised Statute chapter 86. The Nevada Articles of Organization are available through the Secretary of State’s office. Or, you can obtain the Nevada LLC forms from

There are seven articles that form the Nevada Articles of Organization.

Article 1: Name of Limited Liability Company  - In this section you will fill in the name you’ve chosen for your Nevada LLC.  Remember, your company cannot use a name which is too similar to any other existing Nevada LLC, or which bears any of the words that are prohibited for use without approval. Take the guess work out of this section by having perform a Nevada LLC name search for you.

Article 2: Registered Agent for Service Process: This is exactly what it says it is, a place for you to commit to your registered agent who will be authorized to accept legal process on behalf of your LLC.

Article 3: Dissolution Date (optional):  This is an optional section for companies who are forming an LLC for a limited time only. If this does not apply to your situation you can omit it.

Article 4: Management  In this section you will set forth whether your LLC will be managed by Managers or Members.  This is a distinction in organizational structure which you should decide upon with any and all business partners.

Article 5: Name and Address of Each Managing Member In this section you will fill in the name and address of each managing member of your Limited Liability Company.

Article 6:  Name, Address and Signature of Organizer   The person or agency who fills out your Nevada Articles of Organization is the Organizer.  This person must sign their name to the forms where indicated.

Article 7: Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment of Registered Agent In this section your Registered Agent or an authorized representative of your Registered Agent must sign to signify his/her acceptance of the duties of a Nevada Registered Agent.

A failure to fill out the Nevada Articles of Organization completely or accurately will result in a delay in processing. Eliminate that possibility by having can file Nevada Articles of organization for you

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