Missouri 501c3 Corporations: Tax Exempt Organizations Non Profit

Forming a Non Profit Organization in Missouri

Forming a non profit organization in Missouri will require filing articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State and paying an initial state imposed filing fee of $25. The state law requires that at least one initial incorporator signs the articles of incorporation and must include certain information such as the proposed name of the corporation, its purpose, state if the corporation will have directors, stock information, the name and street address of the registered agent, mailing and/or principal address of the corporation.

Other formation procedures will include appointing a board of directors, draft corporation bylaws and apply for Employer ID Number. The articles of incorporation must include the specific language of the IRS.

Missouri 501c3 Corporations and Non Profit Incorporation

Missouri requires all non profits like 501c3 Corporations to be organized as a "public charity" or "public benefit" corporation, association or trust in order to obtain the special personal liability protection and the full tax advantages available to corporations operating within the state.

Non Profit Tax Exempt Incorporation

Applying to the Internal Revenue Services under code 501(c) (3) is the first important step to qualifying for the tax-exempt status in the state of Missouri. Non profits that qualify will enjoy the additional tax advantages available within the state including:

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