Mississippi 501c3 Corporations: Tax Exempt Organizations Non Profit

Mississippi 501c3 Corporations

Incorporating your 501c3 Corporations or non profit organization in compliance with the Mississippi Non Profit Corporation Act and the additional regulations of the Internal Revenue Service will help you obtain the full tax and financial advantages granted to 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organizations within the State of Mississippi.

Forming a Non Profit Organization in Mississippi

Forming a Non Profit organization in Mississippi is a multi-step procedure that will require choosing a unique name for your organization in accordance to the state-specific requirements. The next step is preparing and submitting articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State and paying and initial filing fee of $50. This state-specific document must include:

Obtaining Tax Exempt Status

Applicants must submit Form 1023 for application for Recognition of Exemption (Publication 556) to the Internal Revenue Services. They must also apply for an Employer ID Number from the IRS for conducting business within the state such as opening a bank account and if they plan to hire employers. They must also register with the State's Office to obtain grant eligibility and other financial incentives available within the state.

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