Form Massachusetts LLC- Limited Liability Company

Massachusetts Limited Liability Company (or LLC)

A Massachusetts Limited Liability Company (or LLC) can provide better legal protection to personal liabilities than a sole-proprietorship or a partnership business. The most important documents to be prepared to form an LLC in Massachusetts are:

Massachusetts LLC - Articles of Organization and Certificate of Organization

A very important document to form a Massachusetts LLC is the articles of organization. These articles of the state LLC embody basic information about the organization like its name, office address, names of the members of board, number of stocks held by the company, etc. After filing the articles of organization, the state will issue you the Certificate of Organization to form your LLC.

Tax and State Filing Fee

Every state has different authorization fees. The LLC filing fee in Massachusetts is $520. The Massachusetts LLC also enjoys benefits of tax deduction and exemption under state laws. To track your tax report, the state provides your LLC an Employer Identification Number. However, the income tax for an LLC in Massachusetts varies with the income of the state.