Form Maine LLC- Limited Liability Company

Form Maine Limited Liability Company

A Maine Limited Liability Company (or LLC) may prove beneficial for you by providing you better opportunities with regards to legal actions and personal financial liability. In a state LLC in Maine, the name of your Limited Liability Company or LLC cannot be the same as another authorized business entities in the state. The name of your organization must contain the suffix Limited Liability Company a variation of its abbreviation: LLC or L.L.C. You need to search the records of the Secretary of State of Maine to find out if the name of your organization is a unique one.

Maine LLC: Basis and Organization

The most important document needed to form an LLC in Maine is the Articles of Organization. These Articles of Organization need to be prepared and filed with the Secretary of State. These include information like the legal name of your organization, the purpose of the organization, the registered office address of the organization and the contact details of the members of board of the organization.

Operating an LLC in Maine

As a corporation creates corporate bylaws or a partnership business creates a partnership agreement, operating an LLC in Maine requires an operating agreement for the benefit of your organization. This document has the rules and policies of the organization under which the employees must work.