Vermont Incorporation: Incorporate in Vermont

Incorporate in Vermont

When you decide to incorporate in Vermont understand that most corporations are publicly owned by many shareholders or small corporations that are privately owned and help in bringing revenue to the people owning the business. This helps in bringing commerce to Vermont communities.

Vermont Incorporation

A Vermont incorporation is usually considered a person under the law and needs to follow certain legal procedures. A corporation is formed by filing articles of incorporation and paying fees to the Corporations Divisions of the Secretary of State of Vermont. Through filing the articles of incorporation, you are requesting that the Secretary of State of acknowledge your presence as a business entity and provide a certificate of incorporation. When this certificate of incorporation is issued, it includes the name, date of inception, place of business and the legal status of property of the owner of the corporation.


The most important benefit of operating a business as a corporation is that it is liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation and not that of the shareholders. Also, the owners of the corporation cannot be held personally liable for corporate acts. As a corporation, the owner should follow certain formalities like filing documents with the Secretary of State of Vermont, the federal IRS, the Vermont Department of Taxation and the Vermont Department of Unemployment and Training.