South Carolina Incorporation: Incorporate in South Carolina

South Carolina Corporation

To form a corporation in South Carolina, you must have a minimum of one incorporator over the age of 18. It is the responsibility of incorporators to select directors and file the articles of incorporation.

According to law, there can be any number of directors in the corporation and they have the legal right to modify, adopt or repeal the bylaws. Officers are elected by the board of directors and they should be listed in the bylaws. Bylaws need to be maintained in the principal executive office.

Filing a Report: Incorporate In South Carolina

If you want to incorporate in South Carolina, you need to file a report with the Secretary of State within one month of the first organizational meeting. In the report, you need to include details such as corporation name, its principal office address and the names and addresses of its officers and directors.

Incorporating in South Carolina is quite easy and it offers you a number of benefits. Apart from protecting your personal assets, incorporating also reduces taxes. As an incorporator, it is your responsibility to issue a specified number of shares. Supplemental information that is essential for article filing is registered agent name, officer's name, director's name and the corporation's fiscal year.