Oklahoma Corporation: Incorporate in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Corporation Basis:

  1. Title 18 of the Oklahoma statues (the Oklahoma General Corporation Act) is the tax information that is applicable to all Oklahoma corporations. If you have any issues regarding federal tax requirements, contact the Internal Revenue Service immediately.
  2. If you need to handle state tax requirements, you can contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
  3. Before you incorporate, you will have to check the availability of your proposed business name by contacting the Business Filing Division of the Secretary of State’s office. You can reserve the name for a period of two months by submitting an application with a fee of $10.

Oklahoma Corporation Application Procedure


Your corporation name must include one of the following words: corporation, institute, company, limited, society or abbreviation of it (such as ltd., inc., co. or corp.). It must have a registered office; a post office box address is not applicable for a registered office address. The corporation objective section must include the kind of business you are interested in conducting and the corporation must have at least one director.