Michigan Corporation: Incorporate in Michigan

Michigan Corporation

According to Michigan law, your corporation name should contain the word incorporated, company, limited or corporation and there should be at least one director. To get a fill-in-the-blank form for incorporation articles, contact the Department of Labor & Economic Growth. The filing fee is dependent entirely on the number of shares in the articles.

Basis to Incorporate in Michigan

Bylaws There are no preset criteria with regard to bylaw content, but there are internal rules and regulations you need to follow. This includes corporate office responsibilities, selection of board of directors and shareholder meetings. All corporations in Michigan are required to file an annual report with the Department of Labor & Economic Growth.

Business Taxes You need to pay Michigan business taxes if your corporation has in-state employees. To get forms and details for all business taxes, take a look at the Business Tax e-Registration website. Whenever you hire employees in Michigan, you must inform the Internal Revenue Service about it.

Opening a Bank Account By opening a bank account, you can keep your business' finances separate from your personal accounts. To open a bank account, you will require a Tax ID number and documents related to articles of incorporation.