Louisiana Corporation: Incorporate in Louisiana

What you need to form a Louisiana Corporation:

In order to create a new Louisiana corporation, you need to fill out a form that includes basic details regarding the corporation such as name, business address, registered agent, share issuance, incorporator's name, and board of directors and objective of the corporation.

Laws to consider when you incorporate in Louisiana

Incorporation laws in Louisiana include creating the incorporation articles, electing officers, issuing stock to shareholders and adopting bylaws. The incorporation articles document is filed with your state and enables you to incorporate your business. The Incorporating person needs to sign the articles. You should get approval from major stock issuances from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The incorporation articles will be filed with the state's Secretary of State office for approval. The registered agent is given the task of accepting legal documents on behalf of the corporation. The bylaws are the rules and regulations of corporation. Bylaws need to be formally adopted by all the members of corporation. They normally play a significant part in the proper functioning of the business. The exact eligibility criteria governing bylaws are set on the basis of Louisiana incorporation laws. A stock subscription is a buying agreement at a certain price which is set by the Directors of the corporation.