Kansas Incorporation: Incorporate in Kansas

Incorporate in Kansas

If you are planning to incorporate in Kansas, you need to do adequate research to ensure that you are aware of the legal issues. You can hire an attorney to get expert advice in this matter. Kansas does not register sole proprietorships or corporate under assumed names, trade names or fictitious names. If you choose a name for the corporation, it should be authentic and be registered with the Secretary of State of Kansas. After you have finished filing for your business incorporation, you get a certificate for Article of Incorporation with a corporation number. The Kansas state website acts as an agent for Secretary of State of Kansas and collects all necessary fees for incorporating of the business.

Kansas Incorporation

If you opt to form a Kansas incorporation, you need to remember that it is the most complex business structure, but it includes a lot of benefits for owners. A corporation is a separate legal entity which includes three groups of people: shareholders, directors and officers. The shareholders elect a board of directors that is responsible for the debts and obligations of the business.

As the corporation is a separate legal entity, it is also considered as a separate taxable entity. After the filing of the corporation with the Secretary of State of Kansas, it can opt for subchapter C of the IRS or subchapter S for taxation purpose. Kansas law offers for comparable treatment for each type.