Idaho Corporation: Incorporate in Idaho

Idaho Incorporation

Idaho incorporation can be made easily with the Idaho Secretary of State. To receive the certificate of incorporation for your Idaho Corporation or Idaho LLC, you need to file the following documents:

Incorporate in Idaho

All kinds of corporations can be incorporate in Idaho like LLC, C Corporation, S Corporation, nonprofit as well as Professional Service Corporations.

A corporation is considered a separate entity from its owners and it can be either public or private. It is controlled by its Board of Directors which is controlled by the owners and shareholders of the corporation. Corporations can be dissolved by a vote of the shareholders or by court orders and it needs to organize regular annual meetings, keep minutes of the meetings and file reports of their activities.

An S Corporation provides the necessary protection of a corporation with the flexibility of a partnership and the profits and losses are forwarded to the owners. It should file Articles of Incorporation, adopt bylaws and organize regular meetings. To qualify for an S Corporation, it should be registered with the Idaho Secretary of State along with filing of Form 2553 with IRS.