Connecticut Incorporation: Incorporate in Connecticut

Business Incorporation

Incorporating your business in Connecticut provides legal protection in terms of personal liability. After incorporating a business, it is totally up to you whether you are interested in S-Corp or a sole proprietorship.

In comparison to a sole proprietorship, a S-Corp offers a number of benefits with regard to federal tax filing and reporting. To get the best out of your incorporation, structure your business properly. A professional tax consultant can help you immensely in tax compliance and filing. .

Incorporate in Connecticut

To incorporate in Connecticut, first and foremost you need to be clear what sort of corporation you are interested in forming. After making this decision, you need to come up with a corporation name. The corporation name has to be unique and it should end with the extension Inc. or Corp.

Submit all the details for the articles of incorporation to the county probate judge. The county probate judge is given the task of forwarding the articles copy to the Connecticut Secretary of State. The Articles of Incorporation include the objective statement of the corporation, signature of the incorporator along with name and address, details of registered agent and principal office address. You need to appoint officers to prepare and maintain corporate records.