Colorado Incorporation: Incorporate in Colorado

Incorporate in Colorado

When you incorporate in Colorado, you will get the right legal protection with regard to personal liability. Once you are through the incorporation routine, you may opt for an S-Corp which is quite advantageous in terms of federal tax filing and reporting. Some of the benefits of S-Corp are that personal income tax is going to be reduced in addition to no self-employment tax. Hire a professional tax consultant if you have any issues regarding business structuring, tax filing and reporting.

Colorado Incorporation Information

To incorporate in Colorado, you first need to come up with a name which is totally different from other registered companies. To start the process of incorporation, you need to file the articles of incorporation with the Colorado Secretary of State.

According to Colorado law, you need to satisfy certain eligibility criteria to incorporate. This includes corporate purpose, director information, stock information, optional provisions and bylaws. It is not mandatory that you list the name and address of directors in the articles. You can integrate optional provisions into the incorporation articles. The main objective of Colorado corporate bylaws are that it governs the business of corporation. Often, corporate bylaws do not conflict with the incorporation articles.