California Corporation: Incorporate in California

How to Incorporate in California:

The California Secretary of State does not issue licenses to any business entity. In order to incorporate in California, you need to file a Certificate of Amendment as set by the California Corporations Code. Corporate bylaws are kept at the registered office and are not filed with the Secretary of State. The inspection of bylaws can be carried out anytime during office hours. There is no need of any attorney to form a corporation; however, if you are not aware of the proper routines, it is advisable that you take the assistance of private legal counsel.

Basic necessity to form a California Corporation:

  1. According to California law, a corporation cannot act as its own agent. An agent is an officer, director or any other individual that lives in California to accept a service of process in case if the corporation is sued. It is of paramount importance that agent agree to accept service of process on behalf of the corporation.
  2. Income Tax Rate-At present, the income tax rate in California is 8.84% of net income. The minimum tax that you must pay in the state is $800, which is waived during the initial fiscal year of business.