Arizona Corporation: Incorporate in Arizona

How to Incorporate in Arizona

To incorporate in Arizona you need to visit the website of the AZ Commission's Corporations Division and submit the forms with the appropriate fees for Arizona business incorporation. It is your responsibility to conduct a preliminary name search to get a clear picture of the availability of name you are interested in. In order to prepare your documents, you can take the assistance of legal counsel. You can reserve the name for a period of four months for a limited or corporate liability company in Arizona.

Arizona Corporation: Forming a Business

If you want to withdraw your application for incorporation, you need to file a withdrawal termination. Once you file withdrawal termination, your corporation will get a filed copy of the dissolution articles.

A Limited Liability Company will get a termination certificate when all the documents are reviewed. In Arizona, corporations cannot change incorporators, so to convert from a sole proprietorship to an Inc., you need to file Articles of Incorporation.

If a sole proprietor is interested in becoming a partnership, you need to interact with the Arizona Secretary of State. To start a corporation, you do not need to have any officers but after incorporation, the Board of Directors is given a free hand to appoint them.