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Illinois Incorporation Fee

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Filing Fees Required to Incorporate in Illinois

The Illinois Secretary of State sets and collects all fees for business entities in the state, including the Illinois Incorporation fee.  All fees due must be paid when you file your Illinois Articles of Incorporation, without exception. can take the guesswork out and file your Illinois Incorporation fees and forms for you.

The Illinois Incorporation fee is $150.00. If you wish to expedite your processing, the request must be made in person and the fee will vary. If you need to make a correction to your Articles of Incorporation, the fee is $50.00. If you need to notify the Illinois Secretary of State that your Registered Agent has resigned, the fee is $5.00. The fee for changing your Registered Agent is $25.00. If you wish to amend your Articles of Incorporation, the fee is $50.00. If you need to restate your Articles of Incorporation for any reason, the fee is $150.00. If you seek to merge your corporation with another corporation or corporations, the fee is $50.00 per company involved in the merger.  If you intend to merge your Illinois Corporation with an Illinois LLC, the fee is $100.00. If at some point in the future you wish to dissolve your corporation, the fee is $5.00.

A full list of the fees for filing the Illinois Articles of Incorporation can be found on the website of the Illinois Secretary of State. can also file your Illinois Articles of Incorporation for you.

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