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Illinois LLC Formation

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How to Form an LLC in Illinois

In Illinois, the formation of LLCs is overseen by the Illinois Secretary of State. Illinois LLC Formation is relatively easy to accomplish in Illinois and offers benefits you don't get from general partnerships, while freeing  you of much of paperwork corporations are required to file. It's the best of both worlds and may be the right solution for your business. Illinois LLCs offer their members tax benefits that are attractive to business owners.

There are two basic steps for forming an LLC in Illinois.

1. It makes sense that the first step in becoming an Illinois LLC is choosing a name for your business.  In Illinois, your business's name cannot be the same as any other type of business entity in the State of Illinois. can perform an Illinois name search for you so you know whether or not the name you've chosen for your company is available for use in Illinois.  Your company's name must also contain the term Limited Liability Company or its abbreviation LLC or L.L.C.  In Illinois, LLC's are not permitted to use the abbreviations Ltd. and Co.

2. The second step in Illinois LLC formation is to fill out and file the Illinois Articles of Organization.  This form must be filled out in its entirety in order to be accepted and processed by the Illinois Secretary of State. can fill out the Illinois Articles of Organization for you as well as file the form and all required fees.

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