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Illinois Articles of Organization

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How to Fill Out the Illinois Articles of Organization

Illinois LLCs are required to fill out Illinois form LLC-5.5 and file it with the Illinois Secretary of State. In Illinois, the Secretary of State handles all processing of business forms and you can contact their office to receive the Illinois Articles of Organization.  Or, you can simplify things a bit and have provide you with the Illinois Articles of Organization.

The Illinois Articles of Organization are not that complicated. They contain nine items to be filled out completely. Failure to fill out Illinois Form LLC-5.5 could result in a delay in processing or outright denial of your request to become a Limited Liability Company in the State of Illinois.

Item 1: Name - Type in the name you have chosen for your Illinois LLC. Remember that your name cannot be the same as any other business entity in Illinois. If no other LLC bears your intended name but a Corporation does, you are not permitted to use that name. This applies to all types of business entities in Illinois. can run an Illinois Name Search to determine whether or not your chosen name is available in Illinois.

Item 2: Address - List the address of the principal place of business where company records will be kept. A P.O. Box or a C/O are not  permissible addresses for this section of the Illinois Articles of Incorporation.

Item 3: Effective Date - In this section you will indicate whether the effective date of becoming an Illinois Limited Liability Company is immediately or at a later date. If it is at a later date, indicate the date your LLC becomes officially recognized.

Item 4: Registered Agent and Registered Office - In this section you will indicate whom you have designated as the Registered Agent for your LLC. You will also list the official Registered Office for your LLC. Remember, no P.O. Boxes or C/O addresses are allowed. The Registered Office is the address upon which all legal process will be served on your LLC. For more information, visit our Illinois Registered Agent page.

Item 5: Purpose - Indicate the lawful purpose for the formation of your Illinois LLC. Attach additional paper if necessary. Do not alter the pre-printed phrase on the Articles of Organization in any way.

Item 6: Dissolution Date - If you have a pre-determined date for the dissolution of your LLC, fill it in here. If not,  you may omit this section.

Item 7: Optional - If you desire to lay down your company's operating structure and bylaws at this time, you may. This is optional.

Item 8: Management/Membership - Indicate whether your LLC will be governed by managers or members by checking the appropriate box. List the names and addresses of the manager or members as indicated.

Item 9: Organizer- The final step in filling out the Illinois Articles of Organization is for the person who fills out Illinois form LLC-5.5 to sign and provide their address.

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