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Georgia LLC Filing Fees

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Fees for Forming an LLC in Georgia


Georgia  LLC Filing Fees are presided over by the Georgia Secretary of State. All fees should be paid at the time you file your Georgia Articles of Organization. Simplify the process by having fill out and file your Georgia Articles of Organization and all associated fees for you. By using to form your Georgia LLC, you will be ensuring that your Georgia Limited Liability Company is formed quickly and efficiently with no worry to you.

The fee for filing your Articles of Organization in Georgia is $100.00. If you wish to expedite the processing of your Georgia Articles of Organizations the fee is an additional $100.00. If you need to correct your Articles of Organization, the fee i $20.00. If you wish to reserve the name of your LLC for up to 30 days prior to filing your LLC paperwork, the fee is $25.00. If you would like to convert your LLC into another type of business entity, the fee is $95.00. The paperwork associated with merging your LLC with another company carries a fee of $20.00.

The State of Georgia requires all Limited Liability Companies to file an Annual Registration, which carries a fee of $30.00. The penalty for filing your Annual Registration late is $25.00.

The Secretary of State's website for Georgia  has a listing of the entire LLC fee schedule. Remember, can file all Georgia LLC forms and fees for you.

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