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How to Fill Out  and File the Georgia Articles of Organization

Georgia's Articles of Organization are pretty straightforward. Businesses looking for form a Georgia LLC should file their Articles of Organization with the Georgia Secretary of State. The Secretary of State's office handles all the processing of forms for businesses in Georgia. Or, you can  simplify things a bit and have provide you with the Georgia Articles of Organization.

Georgia's Articles of Organization are pretty simple. There is only one set in stone requirement for forming an LLC in Georgia. Be sure to include all the information required by the state of Georgia on your company's Articles of Organization. Failure to do so will result in a delay in processing and possibly an outright denial of your request to form a Limited Liability Company in Georgia.

Item 1: Name - Fill in your company's name exactly as you wish it to be.  The name of your Georgia LLC must be distinguishable from the names of all other Georgia business entities. Your LLC's name must also be different than any name currently reserved by another Georgia business entity. Your Georgia Corporation's name also cannot contain any words which may be deemed vulgar by the Georgia Secretary of State.  Your LLC's name must not exceed 80 characters in length. Georgia LLC's  must use one of the two approved endings or their abbreviations. These endings are Limited Liability Company and Limited Company. The abbreviations are LLC, L.L.C. L.C. or LC.  Have perform a Georgia name search so you can determine if your name is both available and appropriate according to Georgia State guidelines.  More information is available on our Georgia Corporate and LLC Naming Rules page.

That is all that is absolutely required to become an LLC in Georgia! Filing of this information and payment of all fees required by the Georgia Secretary of State is all it takes to become a Limited Liability Company in the State of Georgia. The second item on the Georgia Articles of Organization is optional.

Item 2: Management - If you choose to do so, in this section you will fill in the names and addresses of the members or managers of your Georgia Limited Liability Company.

File your completed Georgia Articles of Organization and all fees with the Georgia Secretary of State or have file for you.

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