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Georgia Articles of Incorporation

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Filling out the Georgia Articles of Incorporation

Georgia Corporation Formations are overseen by the Georgia Secretary of State and administered by the Georgia Department of Corporations.  It is the Secretary of State's jurisdiction to set and enforce all State Business Regulations in the State of Georgia.  The Georgia Articles of Incorporation are available from the Secretary of State's office. Or, can provide the Georgia Articles of Incorporation for you.

Be sure to fill out the Georgia Articles of Incorporation completely. Failure to fill the form out as instructed can result in a delay in processing and may result in an outright denial of your request to incorporate.  It is easy to avoid mistakes when you have file your Georgia Articles of Incorporation on your behalf.

Article 1: Name - It's always the name first, and in Georgia is no exception to that rule. Fill in your company's name exactly as you wish it to be.  The name of your Georgia corporation must be distinguishable from the names of other Georgia business entities as well as any reserved name. Your Georgia Corporation's name also cannot contain any words which may be deemed vulgar by the Georgia Secretary of State.  Your company name must not exceed 80 characters in length. Georgia corporations must use one of the four approved endings or their abbreviations. These endings are Corporation, Incorporated, Company and Limited.  Have perform a Georgia name search so you can determine if your name is both available and appropriate according to Georgia State guidelines.  More information is available on our Georgia Corporate Naming Rules page.

Article 2: Shares - In this section, you will indicate the number of shares your corporation will be authorized to issue.  Georgia's Secretary of State advises that businesses should indicate the maximum amount of shares they anticipate issuing. You are not permitted to indicate that zero shares will be offered.

Article 3: Registered Agent and Registered Office - The Registered Agent in Georgia must be an individual resident of the state or a corporation authorized to do business in the state. In both cases the Registered Agent must be physically present at the Registered Office in order to serve in the capacity of Registered Agent.  This section calls for the name, address and county of the Registered Agent and Registered Office.

Article 4: Incorporators - Enter the name and address of each incorporator in this section. The Incorporator is the person or persons who signs the Articles of Incorporation and files them with the Secretary of State.

Article 5: Initial Address - In this section fill in the initial, principal address for your corporation.

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