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In Florida, all businesses - whether incorporated, a limited liability company, or an non-profit organization – are required to have a Registered Agent and a Registered Office. The Registered Agent and Office provide the state with a location where legal process can be served upon your company during regular business hours.

Who can be a Registered Agent?

In the state of Florida, a Registered Agent is a legal resident of the state of Florida. That is really the only definitive requirement. It is a good idea for your Registered Agent to be of legal age so that he/she can accept legal documents on your behalf.  Prefer to serve as your own registered agent? You have every legal right to do so. In fact, any legal entity or business registered to operate in Florida may serve as the Registered Agent for your corporation, LLC, or non-profit.

What Are The Requirements of a Registered Office?

Your Florida Registered Office must be a true physical address in the state of Florida.  Post office boxes and other mail service establishments are not permitted for use as a Registered Office.  Keep in mind that someone must be available at your Registered Office during normal business hours to accept receipt of legal paperwork.

What Happens If You Are Incorporating in Florida But Don’t Live in Florida?

If you are incorporating or becoming an LLC in Florida but do not live in Florida you will still need a Registered Agent who is a physical resident of the state of Florida. can provide your business with a Registered Agent in Florida for a fee of $125 per year.