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Get Your Federal Tax ID Number [EIN] Professionally Drafted Free

There's only one business incorporation service that professionally drafts the federal ID number (EIN application) for FREE -- Click&Inc ( knows that getting the federal tax id number (EIN number) is one of the most critical steps in starting a new business (you can't open a corporate checking account without one).

The IRS estimates that it will take the average small business owner 94 minutes to decipher and complete the federal tax id number (EIN number) application process. Keep reading to learn how you can get the federal tax ID number (EIN number) application drafted for you and only spend a few minutes on the process.

If you're starting a new small business just as important as getting a federal tax id number (EIN number) is making sure that your personal assets are protected. The only proven way to do that is by incorporating your business or forming a limited liability company. Click here to learn more about the importance of incorporating your business.

That's why a professionally drafted federal tax id number (EIN) application is included in every business incorporation package -- THERE IS NEVER AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR DRAFTING THE IMPORTANT FEDERAL TAX ID NUMBER APPLICATION.

Why spend 94 minutes trying to get the federal tax id number application right, when you can simply spend a few minutes answering a few questions during the Click&Inc incorporation process and have the federal tax id number application drafted for you?