Form Delaware LLC- Limited Liability Company

Delaware LLC Formation

According to Delaware's Division of Corporations website: "The State of Delaware is a leading domicile for U.S. and international business entities." Delaware claims this, in part, because state law limits the fiduciary obligations of the managers of an LLC more than other states and also allows LLCs to indemnify managers in the event of a breach of those duties-two factors that make forming an LLC in Delaware an attractive option for Delaware residents and outsiders alike. (A business does not need to be physically located in the state in order to operate there, as long as they have a registered agent within the state.)

Steps to forming a Delaware Limited Liability Company

Before submitting Articles of Organization-the formation documents of any LLC-to the Secretary of State's Division of Corporations, you should do a preliminary name search to determine the availability of that name in Delaware. If you'd like, Click and Inc can perform that name search for you.

After you've determined that your name is available, you have the option of reserving that name. The state will reserve the name for you for up to 120 days for a fee of $75.

After you've determined name availability, the next step is to draft and file your Articles of Organization. The following information, at minimum, must be included:

You can add additional clauses to your Articles of Organization, if you wish.

If any of the above information about your business changes, you will need to file Articles of Amendment to reflect those changes. It is very important that your registration remains current.

Delaware LLC Formation

In lieu of an Annual Report (not required for LLCs), your LLC must pay annual taxes to the state by June 1st of every year. The amount for this is $250.