Need a California Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent Service in California -- $229 Per Year

Who Needs a California Registered Agent?

If you're forming a corporation in California, forming a California llc  , or a California non-profit corporation  , you will need a California registered agent.

If you live in California and you are incorporating a business in California, you can serve as your own registered agent in California or you can appoint someone you know in the California to serve in that capacity as well.  If you don't want to serve as your own registered agent in California and don't have another person to appoint, can provide California registered agent service for just $229 per year.

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What Happens If You Live in One State but Incorporate in California?

If you live in one state, but decide to incorporate in California, you will need a registered agent in California.  If you don't have a person with a physical address in California, that's where we come in.  We can provide both the California registered agent and registered office for only $229 per year.

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What Does a California Registered Agent Do?

In California a registered agent is a person over the age of 18 designated to receive legal notices, services of process, and other official documents delivered to an incorporated entity.  The person designated to be the registered agent may be an employee, officer, director, or shareholder of the corporation or llc, or he or she may not be affiliated at all with the corporation or llc at all.

Does a California Registered Agent Require a Physical Office?

Yes.  Every business incorporated in California, must have a registered office in California.  The registered office must be a physical address at which the California registered agent can be found.

If you're incorporating a business in California and want to provide a California registered agent, just tell us during the incorporation process.   We've been providing professional California registered agent services since 2000.

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