Copyright Assignment Form

Transferring Ownership Rights from One Party to Another

A Copyright Assignment Form is used for the copyright owner to transfer all rights to another person or business and give up all claims to the copyright themselves.

Why would anyone want to relinquish their rights to their material? In fact, this is not an uncommon practice. Here are just a few cases where a Copyright Assignment Form might be appropriate:

  • A business would like to use a photographer’s image on all of their promotional material and does not want anyone else to use that image for any other purpose
  • A band member leaves the group and wants to sell his rights to the remaining members
  • One party commissioned a project from another party, but a Work For Hire Agreement was not signed right away
  • An author wrote a story that a business or other organization wants to purchase and publish under their name

There are countless situations where a copyright owner might transfer all rights to the work to another person or organization—and Click&Inc has you covered.

Our professional, fully customizable Copyright Assignment Form is provided to you in Word format, complete with step-by-step instructions. Just fill in the blanks according to your information, or change/add anything else you’d like! You’re in control.

Copyright Assignment Form
Fully editable Word document; available for immediate download; comes with complete instructions.
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Includes all four of our Intellectual Property business forms.

Remember: A Copyright Assignment Form is used to permanently transfer full copyright ownership. An alternative to this complete transfer agreement might be a Copyright License Agreement.