Cease and Desist Letter

Protect Your Copyrighted Material from Unauthorized Use

Website copy, product descriptions, photographs, logos, you name it—if your business created (or hired someone to create) these or any other kinds of copyrightable intellectual property, copyright protection is automatic, and your business is the legal owner of that copyright.

But what if you find that someone has been using your copyrighted material without authorization? Perhaps you find that your product descriptions have been lifted from your website and used by a competitor to sell competing products. Or perhaps your product images have been used without your permission in an article about your industry.

Whatever the case, if your business has registered these copyrights with the US Copyright Office, it’s your legal right to sue over this infringement. But does your small business have the time, resources, or even desire to do this?

A Cease and Desist Letter is a great low-cost way to let someone know you’re serious about protecting your rights. Click&Inc provides a fully editable Word document, including instructions, to help you customize a Cease and Desist Letter to the specifics of the infringement taking place.

Don’t wait. Protect your legal rights today with a Cease and Desist Letter!

Cease and Desist Letter
Fully editable Word document; available for immediate download; comes with complete instructions.
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Includes all four of our Intellectual Property business forms.