Business Services

Small business services to help your company grow!

Click and Inc offers many of the most common services that small businesses need to help them grow. The list below provides a brief overview of some of the services that we currently offer.

  • Article Amendments
    Perhaps you need to change the name of your business. Perhaps you need to switch your registered agent. Whatever the change, we’re happy to amend your Articles of Incorporation for you so that you stay compliant. Remember, the state needs current information for your business at all times.
  • Business Name Availability Search
    While this service is automatically included with any of our business formation or incorporation orders, sometimes you simply want to know if the name you’ve been kicking around in your head is actually available for you before taking any more steps. We’ll search the state records (or, in the case of a DBA name, the records of the appropriate filing jurisdiction) for up to two of your chosen names and let you know if it looks like you have the all-clear.
  • Business License Service
    Your small business may be required to obtain any number of business licenses from your city, county, and/or state governments, and those license and permit requirements depend on your location, entity type, industry, and other factors. Our comprehensive business license service not only clarifies your requirements—we go one step further and provide you with the appropriate licenses and permit applications, along with detailed submission instructions and deadlines. It’s the no-hassle, no-stress way to stay compliant with local and state laws.
  • Business Search
    If you’d like to research information on an existing business, look no further. We can deliver a report for any existing corporation or LLC for you that contains any and all information the state can provide.
  • Corporate Dissolutions
    If your business has run its course, it’s not enough to simply close your doors—without formally cancelling your business by the proper means, you could unwittingly accrue taxes and fees on a business that no longer brings in revenue. We can make sure your business is legally dissolved with the state.
  • File a DBA
    If you’re looking to expand your current business, but your new location or new products and services don’t exactly fall within the scope of your corporate name, filing a DBA—or doing business as—could be the perfect solution.
  • Foreign Corporation Filings
    If you’re considering expanding into a neighboring state while growing your business, it’s important to register your business as a foreign corporation first. Without this filing, the new state could fine your business for operating in their jurisdiction without legal permission. We can take care of this filing for you so that you can expand your business to tap markets in additional states with confidence.
  • Registered Agent
    Every business needs a registered agent with a physical address in that domestic state. If you don’t live in your domestic state—or if you’d prefer to keep your home address out of your small business’s public record—our registered agent service can help. We offer registered agents in all fifty states.
  • Small Business Tax Package
    Taxes can be frustrating and complicated. How can you be sure you’re not inadvertently paying higher taxes than necessary for your business? Click and Inc has partnered with Dane Tax Solutions to bring you a low-cost, high-value solution to your tax troubles, including a one-hour consultation with a tax professional to help get you on the right track.