Business Products and Downloads

Click And Inc offers many of the most common services that small businesses need to help them grow. The list below provides a brief overview of some of the services that we currently offer.

  • Certificate of Good Standing
    When you own a business, there are times where you must prove that business is in compliance with the rules and regulations of your domestic state; the Certificate of Good Standing (also called the Certificate of Existence or Certificate of Status) is the official proof, certified by the Secretary of State, that your business is adhering to state requirements—something most states require as a part of your foreign corporation registration.
  • Corporate Bylaws
    Corporate Bylaws govern the actions of the shareholders, officers, and directors, essentially providing a road map for how your business is structured and operated. Our customized corporate bylaws are fully editable, allowing your bylaws to grow and expand along with your business for years to come.
  • Corporate Seals and Kits
    While corporate seals are no longer required to prove the legitimacy of a document, they are nonetheless popular among business owners as a way to add an extra touch of class to your corporate documents and paperwork. Our corporate kits come with a customized corporate seal, full-color stock certificates, and a personalized binder embossed with the name of your company so you can keep all of your corporate documents in one place in style.
  • Employee Leave and Disability Handbook
    Regardless of where your business and employees are located, we provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand handbooks on your state’s employee leave law so that you can address your employees’ vacation and sick leave while ensuring that your business stays in compliance.
  • LLC Operating Agreements
    The limited liability company version of corporate bylaws, our LLC Operating Agreements are customized and scalable to the needs of your growing business.
  • Workers Compensation
    Click and Inc offers state-specific guides to employee leave law, including sick leave and vacation leave. If your small business has employees, it’s important that you understand your legal requirements.