Selecting a Texas Business Name

Knowing where to register your Texas business name can be tricky. Click and Inc brings you the information you need to make you have your business name registration bases covered.

Of course, After you’ve filed and officially formed a legal entity, you may have other permits, filings, or business licenses you’re required to obtain from your state, county, and/or town government. A good way to make sure that you’re in compliance with all of these permit requirements is to sign up for our Business License Service.

Business Name—State

For some entity types, registration is only necessary with the Secretary of State’s office; once you’ve registered with them, you’re officially a legal entity. Below are the entity types that, in order to register a Texas business name, need to look no further than their Secretary of State:

Business Name—County

Some businesses do not need to register at the state at all, and can simply file their Texas business name at the county level. The following business types should put their business names on file with the County Clerk’s Office:

Business Name—State and County

There is one entity type in Texas that is required to file at both the state and the county level, and that is a Fictitious Name for an incorporated entity. This is a type of DBA, and two different registrations are required.

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