Registering a Texas Assumed Name

In Texas, there are two different types of Assumed Names, and they have fundamental differences. One is a Texas Assumed Name, and one is a County Assumed Name. It’s important to learn about the two because they have very different structures, and they also have geographic limitations.

Texas Assumed Name

There is only one type of Assumed Name that can be used statewide—an Assumed Name owned by an incorporated entity, such as a corporation or LLC. A Texas Assumed Name of this kind is registered with the Secretary of State and affects the corporate records of the owning entity.

In addition to the state level, an Assumed Name owned by an incorporated entity must also file with the County Clerk of the county in which it is physically located. Both state and county filings of the Assumed Name are public record.

County Assumed Name

If your Assumed Name is a Sole Proprietorship or a General Partnership, you won’t register your business with the Secretary of State at all—you’ll simply file with your County Clerk.

This casual type of business structure is beneficial in that it allows you a lot of business flexibility; you don’t have to file an Annual Renewal with the state, you don’t have to keep corporate minutes, etc. However, you are personally liable for any debts or contracts your business enters into, and you cannot operate outside of the county in which you are filed.

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