Mississippi Corporation

Incorporate in Mississippi and protect your assets

In order to register your Mississippi corporation, you must file Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State's office in Jackson. After registering your corporation in Mississippi and creating a new legal entity, your corporation will provide limited liability protection to its owners and be able to enjoy certain corporate benefits.

Mississippi Articles of Incorporation

The Articles will include, at minimum, the following pieces of information about your Mississippi corporation:

  • Type of corporation (for-profit)
  • Name of corporation, which must be available in the state (you may wish to do a name search for availability before submitting your Articles)
  • Business email address for notices and reminders from the state
  • Future effective date, if applicable (if nothing is entered here, the filing will be effective upon filing the form)
  • Duration: perpetual or number of years
  • Number and type of shares of stock authorized (i.e., common, preferred)
  • Registered agent name and physical address
  • Incorporator's physical address
  • Other provisions, if applicable
  • Signature of the incorporator

[Note: Mississippi corporations register in Jackson using the same Articles of Incorporation template as nonprofit corporations; if you're interested in forming a nonprofit, please see our information on Mississippi nonprofit corporations.]

Once the Articles of Incorporation are complete, submit them to the Mississippi Secretary of State's office in Jackson, MS.

Other Requirements

In addition to the articles, other documents must be filed or kept on record in order to register and stay compliant:

Corporate Bylaws

Corporate bylaws are the road map for your corporation. In Mississippi, corporate bylaws are a requirement. Bylaws contain information about:

  • Corporate officers
  • Directors
  • The duties of each officer and/or director
  • How shareholders will vote for or remove a director
  • What constitutes a quorum
  • How shareholders can sell or transfer shares
  • The process by which the corporation might be dissolved
  • Other general matters

In addition to these basic general bylaw sections, you can and should add your own clauses specific to your industry and activities.

[Note: If you're having difficulty with some of the terminology mentioned above and throughout this section, check out our page on Corporate Definitions.]

EIN (Employer Identification Number)

Any business entity, including Mississippi corporations, must report its earnings to the IRS. A corporation does so by obtaining an EIN, or Employer Identification Number, which it will use to pay taxes and correspond with the IRS about the business.

Articles of Amendment

If anything that has been laid out in the original Articles of Incorporation changes, it's important that any Mississippi corporation file Articles of Amendment with the Secretary of State's office in Jackson. It is the business's responsibility to keep the state up to date on all corporate information; failure to comply may result in the state's inability to forward reminders and notifications, which could result in forced dissolution.

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