You've decided on a Georgia startup. Where do you begin?

There are many types of entities, both incorporated and unincorporated, for you to choose from for your Georgia startup. How can you tell which of these business types is the best for you and your individual situation? has collected information about many of the available business entity types in hopes that this information will help you decide which entity type is best for you.

C Corporation in Georgia

When you incorporate in Georgia, by default your entity will be a C Corporation, subject to corporate income tax. You will be able to issue multiple classes of shares, and there is no limit on the amount of shareholders. Your C Corporation can be owned by US citizens, non-citizens, or other business entities, which provides greater flexibility in these areas than in the case of an S Corporation.

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S Corporation in Georgia

S Corporations are filed in much the same way as C Corporations, but there is an additional form to fill out to adopt the S Corporation tax classification.

The shareholders of an S Corporation should be US citizens (no non-US citizens, non-resident aliens, or outside business entities), and the corporation can issue shares to no more than 100 shareholders. S corporations are pass-through entities, allowing gains and losses to be reported on the owners' individual tax returns. has more information on forming a Georgia S Corporation.

LLC in Georgia

A Limited Liability Company is a hybrid entity. An LLC is treated like a partnership for tax purposes and also offers the liability protection enjoyed by corporations.

For more information, take a look at our information about forming a Georgia LLC.

Foreign Corporation in Georgia

State law requires any corporation planning to conduct business in Georgia to first file as a Foreign Corporation. There are a few exceptions to this, which are outlined in state law. Your business dealings may be interrupted and a fine may be imposed if you ignore this filing requirement and begin to transact business in Georgia.

If you're not sure whether or not you need to file a Foreign Corporation, review further information about the requirements and benefits of forming a Georgia Foreign Corporation.

Nonprofit Corporation in Georgia

Most nonprofit corporations obtain 501c3 status from the IRS. To become a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, you'll first register as a basic nonprofit corporation at the state level by submitting Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation. Then, you'll apply for the 501c3 status at the federal level. can register your nonprofit corporation—we can even assist you with your 501c3 application! Take a look at more information on starting a Georgia 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

Georgia Trade Name

A DBA in Georgia is called a Trade Name. Regardless of whether you’re an individual, partnership, corporation, or LLC, your Trade Name should be registered in the county in which your Trade Name will be operated.

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