California Foreign Corporation Formation

In California, you may register your exiting corporation registered elsewhere to do business in California by completing and filing an Application for Registration of Foreign Corporation Name. This form is provided by, and filed with, the Department of Business Services of the Secretary of State.

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Steps to Form a California Foreign Corporation

A Foreign Corporation filing allows a business from one state to expand into another state. In California, a form called the Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation is used to become a foreign corporation:

  • Corporation: You must provide name of your entity exactly as it is was registered with your initial state of incorporation. If the legal name of your corporation is the same as a corporation that is already registered in California, you will need to adopt an assumed name for use in the state at the time of filing. Have perform a preliminary business name search so that you can be aware of this issue ahead of time and avoid a rejection.
  • Place of incorporation: You will list your original state of incorporation.
  • Principle office: You must list your principle executive office. This may or may not be a California address.
  • Agent: An individual, or an already-existing entity, must be provided in your application as the contact person for your business. If an individual, you must provide their complete street address, which cannot be a PO box. If an outside corporation or LLC, the business’s name and jurisdiction (which will be California, unless a foreign entity registered in California is acting as the agent) must be provided to enable California to look up the entity’s corporate records.
  • Signature: A corporate office must execute the form.

Additional Requirements for a California Foreign Corporation

You are required to obtain and submit a Certificate of Good Standing (sometimes known elsewhere as a Certificate of Existence) along with your foreign corporation registration; this certificate must be dated within 6 months of filing. When handles your California Foreign Corporation registration for you, we will take care of obtaining the certificate. Or, if you only need a Certificate of Good Standing, we’d be happy to obtain just the certificate for you.

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