Form Arkansas LLC- Limited Liability Company

Form Arkansas LLC

With regard to personal liability an Arkansas LLC can provide you better opportunities when forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company). An Arkansas State LLC is a legal ownership structure, much alike a corporation. An LLC protects its owners and members of the board from being personally liable for any kind of business credits. Forming an LLC in Arkansas is easier compared to other states.

Arkansas Limited Liability Company:

Required LLC Documents in Arkansas

The first, and most important, document needed to form an LLC in Arkansas is the Articles of Organization. These articles contain the legal name of your organization, registered address of the company, names and contact details of the members of the board, and name and contact details of the registered agent. The other important documents include the business license, permit of business issued by the Secretary of State, tax claim file, operating agreement etc.

Fees and Taxes to Form an LLC in Arkansas

The required fee to file an LLC in the office of the Secretary of State in Arkansas is $45. The state of Arkansas provides tax benefits to the owners of the LLC along with profitable deductions on biennial and annual taxes. The federal government also issues the Employer Identification Number (EIN) to the owners of the LLC to keep tabs on regular tax payments.