Kentucky Incorporation: Incorporate in Kentucky

Kentucky Incorporation

One of the critical decisions to make for formation of a Kentucky Incorporation is the selection of the business structure and the filing of the corporation with the office of Secretary of State of Kentucky. Once the filing of the corporation is done and the business is incorporated, a report should be sent to the Secretary of State yearly.

Corporations can be for-profit, nonprofit or professional service, LLC or LLP filed under the 2006 Act and business trusts that are registered with the state of Kentucky and must file an annual report by June 30th every year. If this is not done, the company can be listed under the default section with the office and can be subjected to administrative dissolution or revocation of permission to transact business in Kentucky.

Basis to Incorporate in Kentucky

Any company wanting to incorporate in Kentucky or doing business in the state needs to have a registered agent as well as a registered office in Kentucky which will help in the distribution of any legal correspondence, like court summons.

The corporation also needs to have a principal office (in or out of Kentucky) which is the headquarters and where the principal executive office is established. The address of this principal office should be provided in the Articles of Incorporation.

After the corporation is registered with the Secretary of State of Kentucky, it needs to follow certain obligations which include: