Minnesota Incorporation: Incorporate in Minnesota

Minnesota Corporation

In order to create a Minnesota corporation you are required to fill out a form that includes basic information regarding the corporation such as name, registered agent, corporate address, corporation objective, incorporators' and directors' names.

Incorporation Laws in Minnesota

Incorporation laws in Minnesota include creating the articles of incorporation, hiring officers, adopting bylaws and issuing stock to shareholders.

The articles of incorporation are a document which you need to file in front of the Minnesota Secretary of State. To form a corporation, the incorporating person is required to sign the articles. The Securities and Exchange Commission will give approval for major stock issuances on the basis of the details you submit. To make the whole procedure faster, it is advisable that you hire professional help. It is the responsibility of the registered agent to accept legal documents on behalf of the corporation.

The bylaws are the terms and conditions of corporation which all the corporation members need to formally adopt for the proper functioning of business. Another important aspect of incorporation is the company's name. It is important to check the availability of the name you have chosen with the database at the Minnesota Secretary of State.