Form Alaska LLC- Limited Liability Company

Form Alaska LLC

Compared to other states an Alaska LLC [Limited Liability Company] gives you the opportunity to avail double protection, the protection with tax benefits and also giving it identification as a simple form of a partnership entity. Forming a state LLC in Alaska also frees you from any personal liability for the debts of your organization.

Minimum Requirements for an Alaska Limited Liability Company

The minimum requirements to form an Alaska Limited Liability Company are:

LLC and the Secretary of State in Alaska

When forming an LLC in Alaska, the Secretary of State requires documents, like the biennial report, to be filed before January 2 of each filing year. These documents must include the legal name and registered office address of the organization and contact details of each person owning at least 5% interest in the company.

LLC Taxes and Filing Fee

An LLC in Alaska has more tax advantages than a corporation and enjoys additional tax deductions. The LLC needs not to pay taxes and does not have to file a tax return. The tax rate in Alaska for a Limited Liability Company is variable depending on the net income of the Alaska tax department. The federal tax department of Alaska also issues an EIN number for various tax filing requirements. The LLC filing fee in Alaska is $250.