Filing a DBA in Michigan

Doing Business As an Assumed Name or Trade Name

Your Michigan DBA—or Doing Business As—will be filed with the Secretary of State’s Office if you are an incorporated entity and at the county level if you are unincorporated. In Michigan, DBAs are commonly known as Trade Names or Assumed Names.

Technically, the term Trade Name refers to the name that a sole proprietor wishes to use to conduct business. The term Assumed Name is used for existing businesses wishing to expand and operate under an alternative name other than the one on file with the state.

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How to File a DBA for a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

In Michigan, if you are a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you will file your DBA, or trade name at the county level. Before sending in your county application, you may wish to have Click and Inc perform a DBA name search for you to make sure that the trade name you want is still available.

While forms vary, the typical information required is as follows:

  • Trade Name
  • Street address of your business
  • Legal name and address of owner
  • Brief description of the business to be conducted under the trade name
  • Signature

How to File a DBA for an Incorporated Entity

If you wish to open a DBA under your LLC, C corporation, S corporation, or Nonprofit corporation, you will do so at the state level through the Secretary of State’s office. At this level, it is called an Assumed Name. You will be required to provide information about your current business.

Click and Inc can set up your Michigan DBA at either level quickly, easily, and affordably.

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