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E-Commerce Business: Why You Need a Sales Tax Consultant

[This article was written by Tarah Mills.] Sales tax is just one more item on a long list of things for an e-commerce business to manage, but it’s important not to neglect it. Sales tax is something all businesses that sell

Business Book Giveaway: “Advice Is for Winners,” by Raul Valdes-Perez

We’ve all held back from asking for advice. We’ve been in situations where we didn’t know what to do, and we could have asked someone more knowledgeable than us for advice—but we didn’t. Maybe it worked out in the end

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Business Book Giveaway: Out-Executing the Competition: Building and Growing a Financial Services Company in Any Economy by Irv Rothman

Irv Rothman, as the dust jacket of Out-Executing the Competition notes, knows a thing or two about the financial services industry. After all—he’s been the President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Financial Services for over ten years. Now, Rothman brings his

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Business Book Giveaway: Howard’s Gift by Eric C. Sinoway

It’s time again for another business book giveaway. Our book this round is Howard’s Gift by Eric Sinoway. Want a free copy? Leave a comment for your chance to win! Ask anyone—Howard Stevenson is a legend at Harvard Business School.

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Business Book Giveaway: EcoCommerce 101 by Tim Gieseke

“Going green” is all the fad—but for many businesses, it’s a fad reminiscent of the food industry’s obsession with “natural” marketing, where the term was bandied about as a marketing chip and any meaningful connection with health was essentially lost.

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Copyrighting a Book: Important Information for Authors

In the book publishing world of today, copyrighting your book seems like the least of your worries—but as an author, it’s important that you understand not only your legal rights as a writer, but how to defend them. Your career

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