Tips to Maintain Your Business Store

    [This article was written by Dawn Castell.]

    Business owners need to maintain proper sanitation standards in their stores. Research has shown that 3 out of 5 customers choose to work with companies that have well-maintained business stores. Effective maintenance of your store can offer several benefits to your business. This guide highlights ways to maintain your business store.

    Keep Floors Clean

    The condition of your store creates a good first impression for your clients. Your floors should always be clean. Worn out and dirty carpets or floors can make a customer not come back to your store. The flooring or carpet should be swept and moped every day. Also, since you cannot ask customers to take their shoes off, it is vital to have a cleaner to keep the floors sparkling throughout the day.

    If you have a carpet, ensure that you schedule a regular professional carpet cleaning. If your floor is made of laminates or any other unique material, you should consider stripping and re-waxing every six months or one year. A clean floor could give clients confidence about your products and brand.

    Pests Control

    Pests can be a significant problem in your stores, especially if you run a food business. The most common pest is cockroaches. Nothing is as stressful as pulling a product from a shelf, and then cockroaches scatter. The German cockroach is a common pest in most stores, and it is quite hard to control. If your store is infested with cockroaches, it is advisable to work with pest control experts to help keep your store free from pests.

    Organize Cabinets and Shelves

    Messy cabinets and shelves can make you lose clients. Ensure that products in your business store are well organized such that the clients can quickly spot what they want to buy. The shelves and cabinets should be organized daily. Don’t forget to label the aisles if your store allows clients to walk around.

    Arrange Furniture

    If you have a bigger store enough to have a seating area, you need to arrange the furniture presentably. Wipe the sofas, chairs, and tables to ensure your clients sit in a clean area. Customers love being treated with respect even when it comes to the cleanliness of where they sit when they are waiting to be served. Give your clients a clean and calm feeling, and they will always come back to your store. Cleaning and taking care of your furniture can also save you repair costs.

    Dust Your Products

    Maintaining your business store includes cleaning your products too. Chances of dust from people’s feet getting on the products’ packages are high. Therefore, you need to dust your products to keep them clean. Remember to check if a product has dust on it after a client has bought it, and if it’s dirty, wipe it before placing it in the shopping bag.

    Keep Your Main Work in the Store

    It is crucial to have a store that is big enough to hold all your business products and equipment. If you start putting some tables outside and returning them inside, you might fill your store with dust. These items usually get exposed to various elements outside. When you bring them inside at the end of the day, they transfer those elements to the whole store. You can avoid this by keeping all your main work inside the store.

    Provide Toiletries

    Having sanitation facilities is crucial when you want to keep your business store well maintained. It is essential to also provide tissues, napkins, hand soap, sanitizers, and wet wipes. This ensures that your employees handle products with clean hands. Also, having these facilities is convenient for customers who want to clean their hands before leaving the store.

    Do Major Cleaning Before Closing Up

    It is wise to do heavy cleaning chores before closing. Easy tasks such as wiping the tables can be done in the morning, but mopping dirty walls and floors should be done in the evening. This will save you time in the morning since you can have early clients.

    Many clients have attested to going back to a store because it is properly maintained. This guide can help you to keep your store clean and well organized.

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