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Maintaining Compliance in the Cloud with Quality Management Systems (QMS)

[The following article was written by guest author, Declan Peltier.] Like many industry realities, dealing with compliance is as important as it is a pain. Without having a strong system in place to regulate, manage, and measure your company’s quality, processes, and 

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Leveraging Technology for Integrated Marketing Communication

[This articles was written by Jim Rutherford.] There is so much clutter in the consumer consciousness that marketing a unique message that resonates is nearly impossible. In order to separate from the mundane and the profane, it is more important than

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Creating a Business Model That Allows For Scalability

[This guest post was written by business writer Adam Kinsey.] The goal most, if not all, businesses is to grow and thrive within their marketplace and economy. For this to happen, the operations model needs to inherently possess the ability to

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Employment Picture Not As Bleak As You Might Think

The job picture for the second half 2011 is looking bleak, but all is not lost; there are some areas of employment that are experiencing rapid growth and have great career potential. There are some obvious areas of job growth—the

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Entrepreneurs Hail SXSW’s StartupBus, A Unique Challenge

What do home video event-narrative templates, a real-time text-based personalized baby schedule-reminder service, and a virtual muscle-bound bouncer for your email have in common? They’re all brand new innovations that are being developed for this year’s South by Southwest in

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