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Choosing the Right Business for You

[The following post is by guest author Bert Doerhoff of Accubiz.]   Are you aspiring to be a business owner? Do you know what kind of business that you would like to own? If not, that is okay. There are many

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3 Ways Not to Run Your Business

Running your business is an adventure. You’re finally out from your boss’s thumb—you’re the boss now!—and you can do whatever you want . . . right? Wrong. If you’re starting a business with the attitude that you personally are the

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What Is A Business Plan?

A business plan is one of your most important documents. It lives. It breathes. It expands along with you. And it helps you organize your thoughts and solidify a direction. Below is an example of a business plan outline. Yours

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Your Business Website Part 1: Gathering Data

Imagine you’re building a billboard. Not just putting an advertisement on one—building one from scratch. Every decision is yours. How do you start? Maybe you start with the size. You make it huge, big enough to attract the attention of

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Starting a Business: Things To Think About

You already know that there are various entity types you can choose from when organizing your business. But, this is by no means the only—or even the biggest—decision you’ll be making when it comes to positioning your business to succeed.

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