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Registering a Sole Proprietorship DBA? 5 Things You Need to Know Before You File

Registering a sole proprietorship—the simplest, most basic type of business, consisting of one unincorporated individual—is a relatively simple process. But whether you’re taking care of the registration on your own, or working with a third-party business incorporation company like Click&Inc,

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Plurals and Possessives: What Does Your Sole Proprietorship’s Name REALLY Mean?

Over in our DBA filings department, we’ve noticed a trend among sole proprietors to insert either their first or last name into the business name to indicate something that they themselves own: a bakery, a print shop, a photography company. But

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Which Type of Business Is Best For Me? An Overview

Starting a business is tough. There are lots of things to think about—the industry landscape, your market, finding the startup cash you need—and which type of business is best for you is no less important a decision. Let’s take an

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Is My Small Business Ready to Incorporate? Five Clues That it Might Be Time

Incorporating a business can be time-consuming, costly, a hassle to keep in compliance, risky—and it just might be the best small business decision you’ve ever made. Here are five clues that it might be time to take your business to

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Corporate Veil: Q&A

For many business owners, one of the main factors in the decision to incorporate is the limited liability protection inherent in a corporate structure; contrary to a sole proprietorship or partnership DBA, the owners of a corporation are not liable

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