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3 Important Data Security Tips for Small Businesses

[This article was written by Craig Middleton.] Regardless of how large or small your business is, data security is an essential concept to think about and to plan for. Data breaches, hacking and other concerns are most commonly associated with huge

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How Do Businesses Insure Their Goods and Services?

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]  A part of owning your own business is protecting it. This can come in many different forms. The easiest way to protect your business against threats is to have insurance. Here are some

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Seven Scams Small Business Owners Should Know and Avoid

[Today guest post was written by Juli Richardson.] It is an unfortunate truth that small businesses are most frequently targeted by scammers. According to a survey done by Reuters, 31.8% of small business owners fall victim to some sort of fraud. Small

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Paper Or Paperless: What System Should Your Office be Using?

 [This article was written by Brionna Kennedy.] Thanks to constantly updating technology, it’s easier and easier for small businesses to go paperless. It’s easy to jump to conclusions, however, and think that every office should be a paperless one, when that

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4 Ways To Protect Your Business Investment

[This guest post was written by Jayla Barnsen, a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon.] Investing in a business is a large step for many people. The investment is made with the intention of growing the business and eventually generating a profit.

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Keeping Your Customers’ Personal Information Secure

As a small business owner, your clients are going to trust you with a tremendous amount of their personal information. What can you do to ensure that you keep that information as safe as possible? 1. Have a Privacy Policy

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